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Websites in the English Language

USA’s Autism Society

The USA’s Autism Society was founded in 1965 by a not very big group of parents who were first working as volunteers at home. For the last 35 years, the Autism Society has turned into the main resource of information and recommendations on the issues of Autism.

Research & Development Institute on the issues of Autism

The Research & Development Institute on the issues of Autism is a non-commercial organization, founded in 1967 г. The main objectives of the Autism Research Institute are focused on implementation of researches and information dissemination on the findings of those researches, about causes of Autism development, prevention methods, diagnostics and treatment of Autism and the other severe behavioral disorders of children. We present the information obtained in the course of researches both to parents and to specialists in Autism, worldwide.

Center for Autism Research: (CAR)

The Center for Autism Research (CAR) is located in the city of Salem/Portland, Oregon. The Center provides information about Autism, both to parents and to specialists in Autism, and carries out researches on the effectiveness of various therapeutic interventions. Most of our researches are carried out in cooperation with the Autism Research Institute for Autism, located in San Diego, California.

The Parents’s Society

Having been founded by parents, this Parents’s Society aims to find effective biological methods of treatment and a cure for Autism.

Support Group “Generation Rescue”

 ‘TheHandleys’ Company has once announced about establishing of a new Support Group “Generation Rescue” which will disseminate information about chelating therapy and provide parents with contact information of those specialists who can help.


The largest organization involved into addressing Autism issues in the United States. The website contains detailed information about the activities of the organization, a blog and news-feeds about scientific discoveries in the sphere of Autism. It is possible to read online the most popular publications of the organization (about Autism, about Asperger's syndrome, about a visit to a hairdresser, and about other problematic behaviors), as well as to attend free webinars, which are conducted in cooperation with the organization.

National Autistic Society

The site of the largest organization involved into addressing Autism issues in the United Kingdom. On the web-site you can find not only an information about the organization’s activities, but also a plenty of useful information for autistic people, for parents of autistic children and for specialists from a wide variety of professional areas who might deal with people with this diagnosis. The Information is presented and written in an easy and understandable language, in forms of articles, with links to the scientific literature and the experience of people with Autism. You can watch various videos, including specialists’ presentations at various events of the organization. Those interested can ask a question sending  it by e-mail to "Autism helpline"

The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT)

This is a website of the non-profit organization with purpose to improve the education, treatment and care for all people with Autism. The organization aims to fight the widespread problem of quackery in the treatment of Autism and calls for evidence-based approach to the methods of assistance. The site offers reviews of all currently existing treatments for Autism, and to identify conducted whether scientific studies to determine the effectiveness of the method exist – and if they exist, then ‘what, were, and what are the results’.

Global and Regional Asperger’s syndrome Partnership (GRASP)

The first organization in the USA that has been created and maintained by people with Asperger’s syndrome. The organization brings together a network of support groups for adults with Asperger’s syndrome, as well as engages in educational projects in schools and universities. You can find articles about Asperger’s Syndrome on the web-site, as well as essays of people with this disorder about their experiences.

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN)

 This is a non-profit organization founded and operated by autistic people to protect the interests of other autistic people. The members are adolescents and adults with Autism; it is supported by the families of autistic children and specialists. The organization is trying to change the society‘s attitude to Autism. This web-site has a regularly updated blog on the Rights of autistic people, about discrimination against them and about various disputable issues concerning Autism.


This website brings together the most interesting and popular blogs on the topic of Autism, including blogs by autistic adults and blogs by parents of autistic children. With the help of this web-site you can search for blogs by category or track the latest updates on blogs, participating in the project.


This is a website, created by the parents of children with Asperger's syndrome. The site operates an active forum highlighting various issues related to the education of children with this disorder; in addition, the site has a lot of articles, first and foremost - about teaching students with Asperger's syndrome.


This is a social network of blogs for everyone who is directly involved in helping children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. On this site you can find a lot of interesting notes and discussions on the practical aspects of therapy and education/training for people with Autism.



 This is a web-site of an organization, which provides training in behavioral techniques to help autistic children. There you can find many free –of-charge videos and helpful tips for teaching/educating autistic children and to solve specific problems.


This site helps families of autistic children to participate in researches/studies of Autism, ensuring security and protection of interests of a child. The purpose of the project is to promote researches in Autism, thus solving one of the most acute problems - the lack of research-participants.

Autism after 16

This is a website about autistic young people and autistic adults. The site addresses such issues as employment, financial security, higher education and accommodation for adult autistic people.

The web-site run by Stephen Shore about Autism and the Asperger’s syndrome

The web-site with information about Autism run by Stephen Shore, an adult with the Asperger’s syndrome, who is providing consultations to parents of autistic children and supports/helps autistic children. The website features the articles written by Stephen, his stand-ups presentations and general information about Autism and the Asperger’s syndrome.

Everyone Communicates

This site is dedicated to supporting Augmentative communication and Alternative communications, which play a tremendous role for the majority of autistic people. On this website you can find and read or download the information on the various methods of alternative communications (simplified communication, sign language, pictures and symbols exchange system/PECS or alike and many others), you can also learn the stories of the people who use alternative communication, and the stories shared by their beloved ones.

Autism Europe

This is a website of the European Association for Advocacy and Protection of the rights of autistic people and of their families. On this webs-site you can learn more about the organization, and to download printing materials of the association.

Autism Research Institute

This is a web- of the Autism Research Institute - a non-profit organization that was founded in 1967 by Dr. Bernard Rimland, an American psychologist and father of an autistic child, who at his time was one of the first people to challenge the old-fashioned theories prevailing in science saying that Autism is caused by ‘"cold" mothers’. Now the organization provides grants for researches in methods of Autism treatment: it is sponsoring scientific conferences on Autism, and also publishes a newsletter and supports free call-centers for parents. On this web-site you can find a large number of materials about Autism treatment, mostly with the biomedical approach; you can watch online video with presentations of the speakers at the events, organized by this organization; you can sign up for free educational webinars.

Sensory Processing/Integration Disorder Foundation

This Foundation is dealing with Sensory Processing/Integration Disorders, which are usually characteristics of the people with Autism. The web-site features a lot of information about the symptoms of this disorder and approaches to sensory integration therapy for parents and specialists.

International Behavioral Analysts Certification Board

This is the official web-site of the International Behavioral Analysts Certification Board for ABA – one of the main and the most widely used method to help autistic people in the world. On this web-site you can find information for ABA-consumers and the database of specialists.



BioAutism Ltd is a charitable organization from Australia, dedicated exclusively to support scientists and researchers in their work to determine the causes of Autism.

Web-sitesin Russian

“Autism-Info: Let’s talk about Autism…”

Information platform for parents of autistic Children and for Specialists.

BCBA Training Courses by Olga Shapovalova:  Behavioral Analysis Services an Education 

Information about the theory and practice of behavioral analysis in the Russian Language.

Association of Sensory Integration Specialists

The Association works on Sensory Integration/processing

Platform with publications in psychology

A Catalogue of the existing publications in psychology

“A Special Child: The Notes of a Psychiatrist.” A Blog by Olga Dolenko

Rehabilitation Center for children with special needs and disabilities "Our Sunny World" (Nash Solnechnyi Mir)

One of the first organizations in Russia (since 1991), dedicated to the rehabilitation of children and young people with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and with other developmental disabilities.

“Vykhod” (“The Way Out”) Fund

This fund was established by the initiative group of parents of autistic children with the purpose to develop a comprehensive care/support system for autistic people in Belgorod, including the development of inclusive education and high-quality services for autistic children and their families.

“Vykhod” (“The Way Out”) Fund in Belgorod, Russia

This fund was established by the initiative group of parents of autistic children with the purpose to develop a comprehensive care/support system for autistic people in Belgorod, including the development of inclusive education and high-quality services for autistic children and their families.

“Vykhod” (“The The Way Out”) Fund in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

This fund was established by movie-director Ms. Lyubov Arkus, who is the author and producer of the well-known documentary film named "Anton is near, here", which first attracted the attention of the general public in Russia and CIS to the topical issue – an absence of support system to help autistic adults and their families in Russia. On the basis of the Foundation a Support Center named "Anton is near, here" was opened and is successfully working to help more than 60 autistic adults who receive support and training there.

Web-site «Special Translations/Оsobye Perevody»

This is a Volunteering group of professional and non-professional translators and editors, including parents of special children and specialists working in the field of rehabilitation and development of children with different disabilities. The web-site is constantly publishing translations of materials about children and adults with disabilities, and most of the materials are devoted to Autism.

 «Pro-Autism Project» (‘A project about Autism’)

The project is focused to help overcome the social isolation for autistic people. The website publishes articles and other materials about Autism, written by autistic people and by their beloved ones.

The Library of the "Fathers and Sons" Foundation (Otsy & Deti Fund)

One of the first websites in Russian Internet about Autism, supported by a charitable foundation in St. Petersburg, Russia, which is helping children with Autism. The websites provides a very large library of materials: articles and books about Autism and support to autistic children. Besides, the site features the first-ever autobiographies of autistic people and of parents of  autistic children published in Russia, as well as various articles by the Russian specialists.

“Special Children – Happy Children!” Social Network Community in Russian LiveJournal

A great community of parents of children with special needs/disabilities, including children with different forms of Autism. To be able to read most of the posts you have to register to become a member of this community. The community regularly publishes live-stories, while parents ask their questions and share their experiences, publish links to useful information and interesting materials.

Autism. ABA-Therapy.

A web-site run by a behavioral therapist, Ms. Julia Ertz, dedicated to the application of ABA methodology in the treatment of Autism. It contains a lot of translated materials on various aspects of teaching autistic children, and on ABA techniques.

Autism – a Disease of the 21st Century?

A private website created by a mother of an autistic son. The site has a lot of materials about treatment and correction of Autism, links to useful publications, books and movies in Russian, as well as useful addresses of institutions to be used by parents.

Sensory Integration

It contains materials about sensory perception problems, which are very common in case of Autism; descriptions of the various techniques of sensory integration therapy, sensory and motor correction and related fields.

«Speical Childhood in Irkutsk»/Ososboe Detstvo Irkutstka»

It is a Forum featuring the problems of children with special needs in Irkutsk city, Russia. It's ssupported by the regional public organization "Solnechnyi Krug (Sunshine Circle)."


A Web-site in Russian with news-feed about Autism, collected from the other various national media outlets, which publicized them.

The Center for psychological, medical and social support for autistic  children and adolescents (CPMSSCA/ЦПМССДиП)

This is a web-site of the Moscow-city's State-run Support Centers, located on the Kashenkin Lug-street and A.Vlasova-street. This is one and the only specialized state assistance center only for children with ASD in Russia. The Center provides individual correctional services for children and their parents, and operates a school facility with primary classes for children with ASD.

«АВА-klass» on the Kashenkin Lug-street in Moscow, Facebok page.

A page on Facebook, «АВА-klass», featuring the activities of the class which prepares the children with severe form of Autism to inclusive education, which is supported by the «Vykhod/The Way Out» Foundation. You can find on this Facebook page a lot of information on practical application of the ABA method in teaching of autistic children, support materials for work with kids.

Center of Medical Pedagogy

This Center was established in 1989 on the initiative of parents of children with special needs and specialists. The Center provides a wide range of services for children with various developmental disorders, including Autism. The organization also conducts regular educational events for specialists.

‘Belaya Vorona” Center («White Crow Tsentr»)

A web-sit of a commercial center, which provides services of ABA-treatment in Moscow. This is one of the first Russian companies, which began to provide correctional services for autistic people, using this approach.

Rehabilitation Center for children with special needs and disabilities "Our Sunny World" (Nash Solnechnyi Mir)

One of the first organizations in Russia (since 1991), dedicated to the rehabilitation of children and young people with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and with other developmental disabilities.

ABA in Samara, Russia

A web-site by a behavioral analyst, Ms. Ekaterina Zhestkova whose team provides services with applied behavior analysis for autistic people in Samara.

The “Dobro” (“Kindness”) Society to help autistic children

This is a web-site of a charitable organization assisting autistic children in Moscow. The main part of the site is a forum; the web-site also publishes articles and popular materials about Autism, written by the founders of the organization.

Институт-коррекционной-педагогики. рф

Institute for Correctional Pedagogy

The official website of the Institute of Correctional Pedagogy in Moscow, a state-run institution, one of the first facilities which started in Russia to do the early diagnostics and correction of ASD. The website publishes news about the activities of the Institute, it has a section with information for parents.

 Support Center ‘Zelenaya Vetka’ («Green branch»)

This is a Moscow-based State-run Center providing diagnostic, correctional and educational services to children with special needs and their parents. Many of the center's specialists have extensive experience of work with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

‘Dogs as assistants to people with special needs’

This is a Moscow-based non-commercial organization dedicated into training service-dogs for people with the visual impairments, as well as for children with special needs. One of the activities of the organization is the project named "Sunny Dog", providing services of Canis Therapy for children with Autism and other disabilities/special needs.

 "Raphael" Center

The "Raphael" Charity Support Center of therapeutic pedagogy and social therapy is organizing psychological and educational assistance and socio-cultural rehabilitation for people with intellectual and mental disabilities and their families. The Center operates department of pre-school education, education of children of primary/early school age, and a department of support to disabled people of post-school age and a department of support to families of children with disabilities.

“Special Childhood/Osoboe Detstvo” Web-site

This is a Project of the Center of Therapeutic pedagogy. This web-site is created for parents of children with different disabilities. The web-site has a library with useful literature, the database of organizations providing help, and a forum.

Regional Public Organization of people with disabilities "Perspective" («Perspektiva»)

The website of an organization of people with disabilities, which provides assistance in education, employment and advocacy -protection of the rights of people with special needs, including mental disabilities. Besides, this organization helps in finding a job/employment and provides legal consultations.

"The Road to the World" (“Doroga v Mir”)

The web-site of the Inter-regional Public Organization of Assistance to children with mental and speech development and their families, which brings together children with special developmental needs, including autistic children.

The main objectives of "The Road to Peace" are: to support families and to help adults with developmental disabilities. Their web-site provides information about the organization's projects, publications of real-life stories of parents, useful links and information about the supporting services.


Center of Therapeutic Pedagogy and Differentiated training of the Pskov region, Russia

The Center of Therapeutic Pedagogy of Pskov-city provides correctional services for children aged 3 years and older, and organizes support and residential accommodation with support (escorting) to young people over 18 years old with special needs, including those with Autism. It’s one of the best Russian organizations providing assistance to autistic adults.

«Special workshop-studios» (“Osobye Masterskie”) under the College of Technology № 21.


This is a Center for social adaptation and vocational training for youth with special needs under the College of Technology № 21: there young people learn in-service to master professional job skills in handicraft workshops/studios: pottery, carpentry, sewing and weaving and art-printing. The learning and training is based on the principles, developed earlier in the pre-service workshops of the Center for Therapeutic Pedagogy. The duration of training from 1 September of 2010: 6 years. In the future, three will be created   a Handcrafts Centre with adaptive jobs opportunities for young people who have taken training in the College.

“Yablochko” (“Apple”) Regional Public Organization.

This is a Regional Public Organization promoting the social rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and special needs, named “Yablochko/”Apple" was created in 2006. The organization's mission is to create a special environment (the specific structure) for labour and employment for people with mental disorders and other disabilities to enable them to be engaged into productive employment or labor in accordance with their individual capacities: including into the mainstream production process, where the people without disabilities are employed. The organization provides correctional services, and also supports workshops for people with mental disabilities, including autistic people.

Asperger’s Syndrome  

The Russian web-site about Asperger’s syndrome, created and maintained by adults suffering with this disorder. The web site regularly publishes news and articles about Asperger’s syndrome, there are some online tests for Asperger’s syndrome and related disorders and an actively updated forum.

The portal for people with disabilities.

This is one of the largest websites on the issues of disability, which regularly publishes news and articles about different types of disability, special needs and about life of persons with disabilities; it contains also a forum and a friends-and-dating service.

Charitable Fund “Best Buddies”/”Luschie Druzya»

Best Buddies Russia: this is a web-site of the Russian representation of the International Movement, “Best Buddies” which helps people with disabilities find friends among peers- volunteers without disabilities, and it provides them with opportunities for socialization and communication.


This is a portal for specialists in the field of defectology. The website contains articles for specialists, parents, as well as some resources for defectology-students. Portal

This is a portal for speech therapists; it contains useful materials about speech therapy, and also enables to find a speech therapist or speech-therapy center in each region of Russia.

All about methods of treatment of infantile/early child Autism

There is a lot of useful information, especially in diets for autistic children. It features Diagnostic criteria as well. All about the nature of Autism.
Tips on diets, vitamins, nutritional supplements; Methods of treatment; teaching methods/

Autism – a Disease of the 21st Century?

A web-blog run by Ms. Olga Vlasova. It contains: data/information about medicines that can be prescribed to autistic patients; Existing Legislative acts in Russia, Programs, procedures, manuals, guidelines on Autism; Articles about Autism from the Russian and foreign media. Library ‘all about Autism’.

Autism in Childhood  

Mental Health Research Center at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

Rehabilitation of autistic children in the city of Voronezh, Russia



In English:

CSB AutismCouncil 

A forum on the website of Doctor JaquelynMcCandless

There you can find a specialized section on how to use naturopathy and diets

What you need to know about

A forum on the issues of Autism


A forum on the issues of Autism

Yahoo! Groups: GFCFKids 

A group of forums on the interrelationship of diets and Autism

In Russian:

Форум для обсуждения современных методов лечения аутизма  


 A forum to discuss modern current methods of treatments of Autism

Дети с аутистическими расстройствами личности

 Children with Autism spectrum personality disorders

Форум на

Forum Discussions on

Booksabout Autism written or translated in Russian:

"Autism. From theoretical understanding to pedagogical impact." Theo Peters

"Autism: definition and diagnostics." Olga Bogdashina

"An Autistic child. Ways to help. " O.Nicholskaya et al.

«Why am I jumping?». Naoki Higashida

"Beyond school. Legal Guideline for family education and external (non-setting) schooling. "Pavel Parfentev

"Children’s/infantile Autism: verbal and behavioral approach." Mary Lynch Barbera

"Guidelines on Autism: for parents and specialists." The “Vykhod” (The Way Out) Foundation

"The development of basic skills in autistic children. An effective method of gaming activities with special children. "Tara Delaney

"Using computer in the development and socialization of children with special needs." Inna Karpenkova.

«Behind the wall. Personal experience: Autism and Asperger’s syndrome». Steaven Shore

«Children’s Autism and ABA. The therapy, based on the methods of Behavioral Applied Analysis”, Schramm.  

«Playfully easy with Autism. Using techniques like FLOORTIME to develop relations, communication and thinking "»

Articles about Autism in Russian:

Аутизм - это не болезнь

 (Autism is not an evil)

Аутизм - патология или признак гениальности?

(Autism: is it a pathology, or a sign of a genius?)

Проблема детского аутизма

(The Problem of Children’s Autism)

Секретин: перспективное лечение

(Secretin: a promising treatment)

Гении хайтека рождают аутистов?

(Do High-tech geniuses give birth to Autism?)

Аутизм. Проблемы детей одаренных в области ИТ

Autism. The challenges of children talented in IT. 

Гении - это люди дождя

Geniuses are the ‘rainy-men’.

Неконтактный ребенок. Ранний детский аутизм (Non-communicative child. Infantile Autism)

Малышовые болезни: АУТИЗМ (Babies and diseases: Autism)

Великобританию охватывает аутизм (Autism encompasses Great Britain)

Гомеопатия и прививки - Прививки и болезни - Аутизм (Homeopathy and vaccination - Vaccination and diseases – Autism)

Описание Синдрома Аспергера на русском языке (Description of the Asperger’s syndrome in Russian)

Великобритания: живые йогурты помогут от аутизма? (UK: ‘live’ yogurt can help in Autism?)

США: вакцины и морепродукты, содержащие ртуть, могут быть одной из причин аутизма у детей

(USA: Vaccinations and Sea Food containing Mercury might be one of the causes of Autism onset in children)

Аутизм, вакцины и иммунный ответ

(Autism, Vaccinations and Immune Reaction)

Biomedical methods of treatment of Autism


Pepcid® (famotidine) for autistic spectrum disorders
This section of Dr. Linday's web site contains information on Pepcid® (famotidine) for the treatment of children with autistic spectrum disorders

Vitamin B6 andMagnesium”

“What is the right 'dosage' for Vitamin B6, DMG, and other nutrients useful in Autism?” The Russian translation of this article is  here:

Melatonin - The Sleep Master An emerging role for this over-the-counter supplement in the treatment of Autism

Di-methyl-glycine (DMG) 


The Candida Yeast-Autism Connection

Vitamins & Diets and Healthy Options

'Leaky Gut' and the Gluten- / Casein-Free Diet

Autism and the Gluten-Free Diet

Epsom Salts Baths and Autism

Autism Network for Dietary Intervention. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ (SCD™) and other grain-free or starch-free dietary interventions

Vaccination and Autism

Ртуть, вакцины и медицина

Mercury, vaccinations and Medicine   

Ртуть, не идущая из головы

The Mercury is not going out of my head

Правда о прививках: занавес приподнят

The truth about vaccinations: the curtain has been raised

Вакцинопрофилактика и права человека. Мнения специалистов разных дисциплин. Биохимики 

Vaccination and human rights. Opinions of specialists in different disciplines. Biochemists

Вакцинопрофилактика и права человека. Мнения специалистов разных дисциплин. Токсикологи

Vaccination and human rights. Opinions of specialists in different disciplines. Toxicologists

Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet (GFCF): what autistic people should eat and what they should never eat.

GFCF Diet Gluten Free Casein Free


Autistic Spectrum and Dietary Intervention Many links on healthy diets

Don Wiss's Web Site Collection (mostly gluten-free)

Milk/Casein/Lactose-Free List The No-Milk list (Milk/Casein/Lactose-free mailing list) is an open, unmoderated discussion list for those following a milk/casein/lactose-free diet, and for people with an interest in milk-free issues.

Special Diet for Autism and PDD

Food and Additives to Avoid 

Safe Foods & Additives 

Gluten-Free&Casein-Free (dairy-free) Products The companies/firms that produce some low quality products are also highlighted here

Introductory FAQs Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about Dietary Intervention for the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Links to the resources with recipes of Gluten-Free Casein-Free food and alternative products

Miss Roben's, Food Allergy Solutions. Recipes More than 1700 GF/CF Gluten Free food recipes, including deserts and ice-cream making recipes.

Theproductclearinghousenon-dairyproducts Many links to the resourceswhere you can find milk-free substitutes for conventional milk-products

The Gluten-Free Mall, Your Special Diet Superstore 

HelpfulHints Many useful tips to cook Gluten-Free/Casein-Free food

New Diets features gluten free/casein free (GF/CF) recipes 

The Pratt Family Gluten-Free Casein-Free Cookbook

Free cookbooks, right from your printer! Gluten-freeCookbooks

Recipes Implementing a Gluten-Free and Casein-Free Diet


Links to the resources with ‘SCD-recipes’

Autism and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet SCD Diets for Autism


Diet for Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's disease, IBS,Diverticulitis, Celiac