The role of parents is the most difficult role in the developing and preparing their autistic child for life. The effectiveness of support to correct the behavior of an autistic child is possible with the systematic use of various techniques in his at-home environment, with due patience and careful attention to the autistic patient. The success of the social adaptation of an autistic child engaged into group-sessions or into another correctional setting or at home is closely linked with the opportunity of coordination between parents, doctors, psychologists and educators.

This section of the website contains various methodological materials, practical guidelines, manuals and information-booklets to help parents in the development and education of their autistic children. Also, this literature can be useful for people professionally interested to solve the problems of children’s autism in general.

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1. Applied Behavior Analysis. A manual for Parents..pdf2. Teaching a child to skills of using toilet..pdf3. Strategies to improve sleeping of children with ASD..pdf4. Guidelines for the treatment of children’s constipation..pdf