There are a plenty of domestic and international laws, legislative provisions, conventions and agreements on the rights of children, including children with disabilities (with special needs), regulating their rights for living, receiving adequate healthcare services and education.

In this section you can find the fundamental legal and informational framework regarding the rights of children and disabled children.

1. Law No. 126-I of the Republic of Kazakhstan.pdf2. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities..pdf3. Convention on the Rights of the Child.pdf4. The Salamanca Declaration on the Principles, Policy and Practical Activities in Education of Persons with Special Needs.pdf5. The resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.pdf6. Recommendations on organization of the integrated (inclusive) education for children with limited opportunities in development.pdf7. Methodical Recommendations About Assignment of Children with Autism to the Education Organization..pdf8. Tax Privileges.pdf