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Mr. Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, Minister of Culture and Sports of RoK, made a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony of the event. He noted that the Charity Tour de Burabay promotes the development and popularization of cycling in the Republic of Kazakhstan and demonstrates responsive attitude to children who are in need of treatment and rehabilitation. Mr. Alexander Vinokurov, General Manager of Astana pro Team, thanked everybody, who helped to embody the initiative of the bike ride supported with alacrity by Astana Pro Team every year.

After the bike ride finished every guest and participant could have a square meal on big picnic, listen performances of musical bands, become a witness of earnest fight for valuable lots of the charitable auction, try themselves as an artist in the City of Masters or buy pictures created by children of “Asyl Miras” Autism Center.

Inspirer of the idea of Charity Tour de Burabay, businessman, benevolent person and founder of “Asyl Miras” Charity Foundation Mr. Bulat Utemiratov confirmed that he intended to continue conducting this bike ride. He expressed hope that the scale of the event will grow in subsequent years and help even more children.

Over five years the amount of fundraising increased almost 14-fold and was 463.5 million tenge. Number of participants increased more than 7-fold. Fundraising from the auction 2017 was 102,900,000 tenge, fair of children pictures - 684,000 tenge, corporate and individual contributions exceeded 30,416,000, donations of benevolent persons were 26,000,000 tenge.

Amount of fundraising of various years:

The proceeds will be used by “Asyl Miras” Bulat Utemuratov's Private Charity Foundation for purchase of medical equipment for regional children's hospital of Petropavlovsk city; regional perinatal center of Taldykorgan city; regional multi-purpose children’s hospital of Uralsk city; regional children’s clinical hospital of Aktobe city; Baiterek West-Kazakhstan regional non-governmental organisation of disabled children of Uralsk city.

We thank everybody who made a contribution in fundraising: participants of the bike ride, benevolent persons and companies, which were the sponsors of the bike ride: Verny Capital, Verny Investment Holding, Kassa Nova Bank, Forte Bank, Global Development, Astana Property Management, RG Gold, Kazzinc Holdings, Beeline Kazakhstan, Tennis Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tennis Development Foundation, Sary-Arka Airport, Management Service Brokerage, Kazakh University of Economy, Finances and International Trade, Video International, Altyntau, Bank of Development of Kazakhstan, South-Kyrgyz Cement.

We will keep you informed about further use of collected funds. And sure enough we will wait for you and your friends for the VI Burabike bike ride in 2018 at the same place Borovoe!